Fujitsu Mini-Split Heat Pumps

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The Heat Pump Store is proud to carry premium Fujitsu products. We choose all of our preferred manufacturers carefully to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Fujitsu is on the cutting edge of technology and offers consumers the highest efficiency ratings possible.

Fujitsu History, Mission, and Values

Fujitsu focuses on providing innovative performance and efficiency while maintaining a traditional appearance. Their products create perfect air without calling attention to themselves. This restraint is the result of their experience as an industry leader since 1935. Fujitsu envisions a prosperous future focused around the following values:

  •         Effective management and communication
  •         Genuine, ambitious, and responsive attributes
  •         Superior products and services
  •         Happy and helpful employees

Fujitsu Ductless Systems

Fujitsu offers single or multiple room systems to give you as much control as possible. You can operate any amount of indoor units from one to all. The style is as variable as the function and has been refined to suit your needs as perfectly as possible.

There are hundreds of thousands of custom combinations possible depending on your living space and needs. Every option employs environmentally friendly features, and several are ENERGY STAR qualified. Fujitsu’s ductless mini-split system offers countless benefits over the traditional central air systems.

Fujitsu Heat Pump

Every heat pump Fujitsu makes is designed with efficiency in mind. They reduce vibration and sound to conserve energy, boost performance, and create minimal disruption to your environment. Rust-resistant screws and other features make these systems last a lot longer than some competitors’ do, which is why Fujitsu can offer such great warranties on their products.

Fujitsu Heating and Cooling in Oregon

The Heat Pump Store leverages considerable experience in the service of Oregon and Washington residents. We are proud to offer service and maintenance on Fujitsu products. If you want to upgrade to Fujitsu from your current system, we can sell and install an entirely new setup. As a participating contractor, we can even offer you the best deals and factory warranties available.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the Fujitsu brand, our other products, or services. Our trained professionals are prepared to answer all of your questions or schedule your service.

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